How your website design helps improve your conversion rate

Today, companies must invest time in developing their online presence.

Whether you are a supplier to other companies, a service-oriented business or a retailer, you need to have a high-quality website design. Your company must come to life online and create a user experience that can engage more visitors.

Do not put up a site and forget about it; use your online space as a way to introduce yourself to new markets and bring in customers. To do this successfully, you have to consider a few things carefully.

What first impression do you create?

Compare your current website to other companies’ websites in the same field. Are you far apart in terms of aesthetics? Design and page layout are the first things people see when your page loads on screen. These things build their initial opinion of who you are and what you can offer.

People can and will judge your site based on its design and businesses with a pleasing and updated look are deemed more trustworthy. It helps retain an audience and could increase the conversion rate.

Can people see your contact details?

Your contact page should be concise with enough variety in ways people can reach you. You may have your office landline or mobile number, your email address and your social media pages.

If you have one, include the address of your physical store as well. This page should not be so complicated; its goal is to present your customer with the various ways they can reach you.

Do you have proof that you can deliver?

Marketers always talk about testimonials and how they can convince people to sign up for your services or buy your products. Though this is true, the problem with testimonials is that business owners can fake them. It is not the best way to go about selling, especially if you are new.

Falsified reviews might get you attention in the short term, but it will eventually damage your reputation and credibility. Your goal with web design is to create a place that people will trust; do a great job in real life and the glowing reviews will come.

Proof can also come through certifications. If you are an e-commerce store and you accept credit card payments, you must get third-party verifications to assure people that transacting on your page is safe.

What can people read on your site?

You cannot hold people’s attention with graphics and UX forever. After their initial impressions, people will start considering your content. People are on your website because of some unmet need.

Your blogs, landing pages, videos and images should work towards filling that demand. Become valuable to people by offering them things they want and be sure your content reflects that value.

Have you optimised for search engines?

Ensure that your website will reach the top of the search engine results pages. People perceive as more reliable those companies that are in the first pages of search results. To do this, you must align your title tags, descriptions, alt texts and more with your business and content.

Optimisation also involves reaching out to other businesses in your niche and creating genuine relationships with them. If you have inbound links from reputable websites and vice versa, your page will rank highly in search engine results.


Website design used to be something companies did once and promptly forgot. Today, your design must evolve with the constantly shifting online commercial space. Your website should succeed on three fronts—showcasing your brand, pleasing an audience and getting noticed by the algorithm.

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