Online School Prospectus

Ever thought about moving to an online school prospectus?


Online School Prospectus


If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light for schools, it is the importance of information being made available online for quick and easy access. While traditional forms of prospectus worked well in the past, times have moved on and schools need to be prepared for situations where physical prospectus brochures are no longer an option. Speak to us today about our online school prospectus and how we can help present your school at it’s best while massively reducing print costs at the same time.

360 Degree Virtual Tours

Lemongrass Media can provide Virtual Tours that guide visitors through your School, highlighting the key areas of your choice. Visitors will be able to see the school as if in person and each room they visit can contain detailed information relating to that area. Video introductions, image galleries, audio accompaniments and links out to other areas of the school are just a few ideas. Couple this with an aerial map that gives an amazing perspective of the school from the air and allows visitors to cherry pick the rooms they want to visit first, you have a very impressive introduction to your school.

Prospectus Micro-site

Let’s go one step further…

How about we take it one step further though? If managed well and updated frequently, your website should be your online prospectus. A lot of schools still opt for the traditional brochure, however this is a recurring annual expense and highly time consuming to reproduce each year.

Lemongrass Media can develop for you a micro-site that fits within your existing website structure. It has a slightly different look and feel to it and can contain everything you would want in a brochure and more. Video welcome messages from headteachers, heads of curriculum, head pupils, school productions, sports days and house competitions – the list goes on and limited only by your imagination.

Downloadable documents and school policies, pictures of uniform with links to suppliers and galleries of images painting a picture to any newcomer of how fantastic your school is. This can be easily edited on a regular basis, not just once a year and when things return to normal, is a perfect place to guide people once they have physically seen your school.

This is just a small sample of what we can do to take your school to the next level – give us a call today to find out more about our school web design and online school prospectus.