How to take professional photos for your website

It only takes a second to snap a selfie on a smartphone or select a generic stock photo from an image agency. But with a little effort and care, it’s possible to create professional, well-lit images that can showcase your business and take your website to the next level.

Our corporate photography experts offer industry tips on how to take professional photos for your website with everything you need to know, from photography equipment to image editing.

Plan out what photos you need

Before you get started on your photoshoot, make a list of all the images you’ll require for your website. This will help you to sort out logistics such as planning your location, arranging your lighting setup and ensuring that the right people are available at the right time.

Common images on corporate websites include:

  • Portraits of key personnel
  • Interior and exterior shots of your premises
  • Product and service images
  • Action shots of customers engaging with your business or products

Photoshoot essentials

Even if you’re using a humble smartphone, the right techniques can produce some impressive images. To get the best out of your session, follow these simple photoshoot tips for effective results every time.

Use the right equipment

The tools you use will make all the difference to the end result. These days it’s possible to take amazing images with a smartphone – but if you do have a standalone camera, it’s likely to be better adapted for the job. You’ll also need a tripod to keep your shots steady, lighting for indoor service-based shoots, and an uncluttered space with a table
where you can place your products.

Shoot in natural light where possible

The right lighting is perhaps the biggest factor in a successful photo. Don’t underestimate how effective an outdoor photoshoot can be if the weather conditions are right: great results tend to be easier to obtain on a cloudy, overcast day, or at dusk or dawn. If you are shooting indoors, avoid fluorescent overhead lighting and make use of natural light coming in through the window.

Consider your background

There’s nothing worse than a cluttered background: corporate photography needs to direct the eye towards its subject, with no unnecessary clutter. For portraits and products, ensure that you have a solid, single-colour background that brings out the best in your subject. For service-based and lifestyle shots, make sure you carry out the shoot in a simply styled environment.

Try different angles and shots

With digital photography, there’s no limit to how many shots you can take. This means you can afford to experiment with different camera angles to obtain a series of related images. This can be invaluable when showcasing your products (customers like to see what they are buying from all angles) and to ensure that you get the best image you possibly can. That said, when setting up your shots, it’s good to keep in mind where your
image is going to appear: does it need to fit a certain aspect ratio in order to look good in a particular slot on your website?

Optimise and edit your images

The key to optimising your images for the web is saving them in a format that maintains the high-quality look you require, without taking up valuable server space. Make sure you consider the following:

  • Compression – High-resolution digital photography packs in an impressive level of detail, which is reflected in large file sizes. Uploading a lot of hi-res images onto your website will slow down the user experience for your visitors.
  • File format – to put it simply, JPEG is the most suitable file format for websites. It’s a compressed format, minimising file size.
  • Dimensions – Reducing the size or cropping an image can significantly decrease your file size, resulting in faster loading times. If you have a web designer or department, send them the large images and ask them to optimise or crop them to suit your website.

Lemongrass corporate photography services

Corporate photography takes time and effort. If that’s in short supply, why not delegate the task to the professionals? At Lemongrass Media, we provide a full corporate photography and corporate website design service. Contact us on 0800 690 6250 or email, to find out what we could do for you.

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