Blogging and Social Media – Making them work for your business

Blogging is a fantastic way to gain more visibility online. It lets your content rank in search engines, providing you with a means to attract organic traffic to your website.

Social media is equally wonderful. It paves the way for greater brand awareness as well but on an entirely different space within the Internet.

To make full use of both of these mediums, you need to bridge the gap between them. Not doing so means that you’ll be missing out on their full potential and the many advantages that they bring.

Want to know how to do that? Find out in the sections below.

1. Promote your blog posts on social media

Have an article that you’re eager to share with the public? Or maybe you have a video that you think could help a lot of people? While these things can definitely attract visitors all on their own, the best way to ensure widespread distribution is to promote them on social media.

Think about it: your customers are probably spending more time on social media than on a search engine like Google. You’ll need to meet them where they’re at and doing so gets your content more views.

This will also have the added benefit of more engagement. When your content is on social media, people are more likely to respond and leave feedback. These activities are incredibly helpful, allowing you to gain insight into your customers’ needs and wants in order to ultimately provide them with better blog material.

2. Link to your social media accounts from your blog

At the same time, you want to make your social media accounts discoverable to the people who find you via search engines. This effectively draws more attention to your business pages, leading to a cycle of ever-growing engagement.

Simply add social media buttons to all your blog posts. You can do this on whatever content management system you’re using, and you can set it up so that it all takes place automatically. Make sure you place these buttons strategically so that they’re easily seen without being obtrusive.

3. Provide in-depth information to your social media posts via blogging

Social media platforms tend to favour content that’s concise and easily digestible. This means that sometimes you might not be able to capture everything you want to say to your customers on a single post.

While this can be a problem, it’s easily overcome with a blog. All you need to do is provide just enough information to pique the viewer’s interest and entice them to click through to your blog. From there you can provide all the details you would need to fully inform the viewer. With considered design elements, you might encourage them to explore other areas of your website.


As you can see, making a blog and social media work together is mostly a matter of interlinking the two. However, remember to also track the results of any decisions you make so that you can learn from them and optimise your marketing further.

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