Web Design in Letchworth

Professional web designers understand the most important elements of web development and the major mistakes that should be avoided. Lemongrass Media has the experience and the knowledge needed for the creation of modern and functional websites. Working with our clients and understanding their needs, we deliver personalized and functional solutions.

Web design is important for the establishment of a brand, for the popularisation of a website and for proper interactions with the audience. Very often, design mistakes stand in the way of a website properly functioning.

Clutter is one of the most common web design mistakes, especially if website owners choose a free or generic design option. Simplicity and minimalism are exceptionally difficult to achieve. Website owners are often trying to say too much and to bring a big number of elements together. Professional designers know how to create clear structure and how to decrease the number of graphic elements for a more orderly appearance.

Poor navigation is another major mistake. We always advise our clients to pay special attention to the menus, to their structure and the information that they contain. Good navigation is the heart and soul of good web design Letchworth. Menus affect the interest of the audience and the manner in which search engines index the pages.

The wrong formatting and design of content blocks will rank among the big mistakes, as well. People read differently on paper and on screen. Professional designers understand the differences and format web page text in a manner that enhances readability.

We have the knowledge and the experience needed for the creation of error-free, modern website designs. Contact us today to discuss your idea and to begin the process of website creation.