Website Branding & How Can I Get It Right?

What is website branding and how can I get it right?

Your website shows the world what you’re all about. So it’s really important that your online presence tells the right story. Here we’ll explore how to brand your website effectively, with some useful website branding strategies to help you get the right message across to the right people.

Why do I need it?

Branding tells people who your business is, what it does and what it is like. It uses elements such as company colours, logos, special fonts and a particular tone of voice, to send signals about where your company fits in and who it wants to attract. A memorable website will have great branding that sticks in people’s minds.

Your website is the ultimate calling card for your business, so website branding is a vital component in your overall company branding strategy.

Ensure that your images have a theme

Give some thought as to the type of imagery that you want to include on your website. It goes without saying that all graphics and photography should be of a professional standard. But in addition, a clear set of guidelines around the imagery that you use will help pull together your content for a cohesive look and feel that is true to your brand:

  • Will you use stock images or photographs taken especially for your website?
  • Should photographs be in black-and-white or colour? Should they use a special filter?
  • Is there a theme that ties all your imagery together? For example, all your images might be edited to have a white background.

Make sure your content matches your brand voice

When writing content for your website, tone of voice is important. The language that you use has a personality of its own, which helps users to get to know and understand your company. Consistency across all platforms is vital in branding, so it is essential that the tone of voice used on your website matches the style of language in your other branding materials.

Remember to always think about your target audience when you are writing content – how will your readers want to be spoken to? For instance, if you are a childcare business you will want to sound caring, whereas a bank may want to sound more serious and professional.

To ensure there are no inconsistencies across your website branding, it can be useful to create a tone of voice document for all your content writers, so everyone knows what type of language to use on the website.

Have a consistent layout across your site pages

Consistency is key in branding, and keeping your website layout consistent will help your audience to navigate your website easily, so they stay engaged and can find your products and services.

One way to do this is to create templates which you reuse on every page, through content management systems such as WordPress.

Have a overall strategy

Successful branding makes everything feel consistent and cohesive. So when you are working on your website branding, keep this in mind. Make sure your website feeds into an overall strategy so that every individual element forms part of a greater whole. From your photographs to your use of punctuation, everything you do should tell your audience who you are, giving them a genuine feel for your brand.

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