Haringey Young Musicians


Haringey Young Musicians charity supports the out-of-school ensemble programme run by Haringey Music Service. The charity raises funds to support music tours, runs the tuck shop at rehearsals, and provides front of house support at concerts.

The Haringey Young Musicians programme includes several ensembles, which are open to anyone of school age. Members must either attend a Haringey school or live in the borough. The ensembles have 10 weekly sessions per term. The 10th session is a public performance.

As well as high profile engagements around the country and successful participation in national competitions, the advanced level groups have travelled widely for cultural exchanges including Finland, Barbados, Jamaica, USA, Argentina, China and Peru.

Bringing Colour to Music

Haringey Young Musicians’ website was dated and visually uninspiring. They were looking for a website that was bold, colourful and would inspire students and schools to find out more and then ultimately get in touch and sign up with this leading musical initiative.

Vibrant & Dynamic

With a simple-to-use CMS, Haringey Young Musicians now have more control than ever before over their dynamic new site.


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