Alban Academies Trust


The Alban Academies Trust serves primary and secondary schools in and near St. Albans. Our mission is to build a learning community that shares and promotes educational excellence for everyone. All members of the Trust are valued and able to make a powerful contribution to the on-going progress of improvement across the AAT.

We were approached by the AAT to build websites for three of the most prominent schools in Hertfordshire: Sandringham School, Verulam School and Ridgeway Academy.

Giving each site its own branding and identity while keeping a common design theme throughout was a great challenge and lots of close planning between Lemongrass and the AAT resulted in three hugely popular websites that show off each school’s best features.

A Structured Approach

All three Trust sites were broken down into their constituent parts and then rebuilt with a cohesive hierarchy and structure with descriptive menus making it much simpler for users to navigate and enabling the schools to show off key areas.

Clean & Clear

Careful attention was paid to grouped content ensuring that all copy relevant to a particular subject would be available from the same page while remaining simple to access and navigate.

Custom Graphics

Where a school didn’t have a relevant photo to use as a hero image, we created custom graphics.

Custom Page Templates

One size most definitely does not fit all so each school has several page templates to work with, saving hours of work.