Ways to Improve Your Website User Experience

In any aspect of business, the customer always comes first. It’s been that way since the concept of business was invented.

As more opportunities for commerce manifest themselves on the Internet, it has become increasingly important for a company to provide their virtual clientèle with an online experience that makes them feel welcome and comfortable enough to exercise their purchasing power with you.

But how do you go about designing such an experience for your customers? At first, this innocuous question may not seem like it has an easy answer. After all, a website that is run by a content management system such as WordPress features so many different avenues of design, formatting, and other various choices that figuring out precisely how to streamline your online presence for your customers can feel rather daunting.

However, if you strip away all of the whistles and bells that come with a lot of the choices that you can make, you will see that at the heart of creating an optimal web experience for your customers lay in sticking to a few fundamental building blocks. These blocks lay a solid foundation to your website that ultimately separates a great user experience and one that is sub-par.

The Importance of Navigation

The primary way that you can enhance your customers’ experience is to make sure that you make it as easy for them as possible to manoeuvre around your website. This is best accomplished by building a navigation system that is logical and user friendly.
A navigation system is a website’s bread and butter. If a user can’t figure out how to get from virtual point A to virtual point B on your company’s site, chances are they will leave out of frustration, quite possibly never to return again. Because of this, building a sensible navigation system for your site is a must. Some of the key elements that a good navigation system should always have include:

  • Consistent menu placement
  • An easy to find search tool
  • Well-defined navigational buttons
  • Menu categories broken down by subcategories

If you create a website that is easy to navigate, your customers will feel at ease with exploring your company and what you have to offer. This in turn may make it easier for them to purchase something from your company.

Logical Aesthetics

Any web designer will tell you that you have to have a good looking site in order to attract and maintain clientèle. However, having a website that looks attractive is not just about posting pretty images or choosing the right font colour. Rather, it’s about making sure that the website is easy for the eyes to absorb. There should be a logical flow on the design of the main page; one where giant gaps of blank space or overly crowded text do not happen. The last thing you want to do is to overload a person with information when they first see your website. You should ease them into things, and the best way to do that is by keeping things simple, focused, and clean.

It’s All About Personality

Finally, if you want a customer to feel at ease with your company, you need to make sure that the website authentically reflects what your company is all about. If your company’s genuine personality shines through, your customers will be more at ease with doing business with you because your site will feel warm and honest. Creating this kind of vibe isn’t all that difficult – all it takes on your end is figuring out who you are and being true to whomever that may be.

These elements are all equally important into providing a customer with an enhanced online experience. If even one of these elements is not present, not only could that have a negative impact on your customer relations, but also your bottom line.

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