4 Tips To Help You Create A Clean, Minimalist Web Design

Whether you’re admiring the design of a car, a house or a garden, a clean, minimal look always seems to be the most attractive. The same can be said about web design.

If you look at the current website design trends, you’ll notice that clean, uncluttered sites always come out on top of those crowded with colours, shapes, pictures and more. Not only do clean web designs look much more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also much easier to use. A cluttered website does nothing to enhance the user experience and can hurt your site performance as well as your company’s reputation.

With all that said, if you’re interested in trying out clean, minimalist web design, here are four tips to keep in mind:

1. Follow the “Less is More” Principle

While you might be tempted to adorn your website with every single related design element to help it stand out from the crowd, doing so will only have a negative effect. Instead, make a point of removing anything that isn’t needed.
This will also apply to any content you have on the website. There’s no point in including pages and pages of content unrelated to your brand, products or services. Focus on saying what you want to say and leave everything else out. In other words, be concise.

You should also choose the right topics to be talking about in the first place. No amount of optimising and summarising content will be worth the effort if you’re writing about something no one’s interested in, let alone unrelated to your business.

2. Leave some white space

If you believe that white space is a waste of space, you’re wrong. Free space on your website doesn’t just sit there and do nothing. It helps to make your site look cleaner and gives your content room to breathe. White space helps users feel more comfortable using your website and allows them to take in your content far more quickly.
Doubt the effectiveness of negative space? Try implementing it in your website design and watch your time-on-site metric grow!

3. Be careful with graphics

Graphics are incredibly powerful and can help you convey stories and ideas more effectively. When it comes to creating a minimalist web design, graphics are valuable because they can help you summarise messages in one or two pictures. Whether you want to project yourself as a premium business selling luxurious items or a company that deals with children’s toys, graphics can help you get your branding across without a single word.

4. Keep your content tidy

While providing content is good, it is also vital that you present it the right way. Remember—you’re going for a clean look for your website. Because of this, you shouldn’t opt for too many different fonts as doing so will make everything look messy.
Stick to a maximum of three fonts and choose font families that look interesting yet clean. With so many fonts available to choose from the internet, there’s plenty for you to go through. Be patient as you look for the perfect one.

To conclude, when it comes to creating a minimalist web design, you need to remember to stay minimal. Each graphical element you add to your website should be enhancing it, rather than detracting from it.

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