Your website is no longer just a space on the internet for customers to find your contact details

With the majority of people going online first to check out your business, your website is your shop window, your lead generator and your main selling tool and needs to portray your professional image that you have worked hard to build up.

So why Lemongrass Media?

Because we understand what works

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If you took two identical companies selling the exact same product and one had a nice, user friendly website displaying their full product range or services, a bit about themselves as a company and several ways to interact or contact them and the other was a dated site with very little information on it, which company do you think is likely to attract more business?

A lot of business owners often over look this small fact but it can sadly be the fine line between success and failure.

Lemongrass Media understand this wholeheartedly and it’s why we custom design each and every one of our websites to give you a unique online presence that will make you stand out amongst your competitors and contemporaries.

We gain a solid understanding of our clients’ businesses and listen closely to their requests and requirements, which enables us to build the very best websites for them. We want them to be better than their competitors – it makes us feel good

All of our websites are built upon a Content Management System (CMS), which enables our clients to keep them up to date at the mere click of a button. It’s difficult enough running a business without having a complicated website to keep on top of.

So we make it simple for you. Easy website updates without having to worry about maintenance, security, hosting and knowing we are on the end of a phone to help you at any time, day or night.

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