Web Design in Knebworth

Web design trends for 2013 will focus on interactivity, content structure and going mobile. The Lemongrass Media team has embraced all of the newest tendencies in the niche. Working with us will help you create the most innovative and user-friendly website.

Content has always been the king in the world of web design but its role is going to be even more important in 2013. In 2012, Google did a number of algorithm changes that led to the rise of content strategies for successful SEO. Designers have a role in this new SEO trend. They have to create content design that makes the text easier to scan. The design should also direct attention towards the most important parts of the text.

Social Media will be even more prominent in 2013. Good web design Knebworth will increase interactivity through the inclusion of social networking options.

Facebook Likes, Google +1s and retweets are all essential for website marketing. Good web design makes it easy for the website audience to share the content that is found interesting or useful. In 2013, social networking buttons and options will play a vital role for proper website promotion.

According to many experts, 2013 is the year of mobile design. Our team has to agree with the claim.

The number of people using mobile devices to browse is on the rise. Smartphones and tablets have a relatively small screen, which is determining for mobile web design. Websites that are not optimised for mobile browsing will miss out on a huge opportunity to create a loyal audience among the people that use mobile devices.

Lemongrass Media designers are familiar with the latest trends in the niche of website creation. Do you want a contemporary, functional and fresh website? Contact us today to discuss the specifics.