Tring School Website Design

Dec 09, 2014

Tring School Website Design

Lemongrass Media are delighted to announce the launch of the new Tring School website. Their old one was dated and struggled to display information in a presentable and easy to navigate manner and the use of multimedia was lacking. Editing the website on a daily basis was cumbersome and time consuming and a total overhaul was required.

Tring recently updated their branding image with a contemporary and stylish look and wanted their new website to reflect this. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we set about building them a striking website that focuses on their modern day image and really provides the school a stunning platform to work hand in hand with their printed prospectus.

More so, the school now has the ability to document what goes on, on a daily basis through the use of multimedia and news channels. They are also able to feed out to their social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter from the admin section of the website, which again dramatically cuts down on the time taken to publish to the website and 2 other social media accounts individually.

Having polled a cross section of the school’s parents, we were able to establish which pages on the old site were the ones most visited or most valued and as such were able to develop the navigation and design around these suggestions so that pertinent information was always accessible and available with minimal effort.

Navigation and design are obviously two of the most important factors when it comes to designing a school website, however one of the greatest issues we find internally when chatting with schools is the difficulty the administrators have in keeping their website up to date. Sheer volume of content published on a daily basis to the overall size of the website and managing the existing content are all common day to day problems. Tring School were no exception and with a website spanning over 600 pages they needed a solution in place to help spread the workload for their administrators.

Lemongrass media has developed a system whereby specific staff members can edit their own pages, easily adding text, images, videos and much more. Once they have made the revisions, a site administrator is notified automatically and can check over the changes before publishing them live onto the website. This now gives staff extra motivation to keep their sections up to date and halves the workload that would have originally landed on the admin staff’s desk.

Building the website on a flexible and expandable content management system allows us to provide Tring and all of our other schools with the above mentioned functionality and so much more. A Lemongrass Media school website design is extremely modular and functionality can be easily plugged in, so the website will always scale and expand as the school grows.

If it’s time for your school to have a change, Lemongrass Media School Website Design is an obvious choice. From design, development, administration, hosting and support we can cover it all, so why not give us a call today free on 0800 690 6250 or drop us an email at

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